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We offer custom training and consulting services for any business or entity requiring regulatory, safety, compliance or medical training. We have attorneys, doctors, nurses, paramedics, technical staff, production and design staff and professional writing and editing resources available to assist in clinical and administrative services to fit your business needs.


  • Train and develop employees – implement consistent standards and practices related to emergency medical operations.

  • Conduct patient care analysis using the department automated Patient Care Reporting System.

  • Develop lesson plans using standardized software programs and conduct multiple repetitive EMS courses during a training cycle.

  • Ensure department compliance with County EMS Agency policies and State EMS statutes and regulations.

  • Ensure that Paramedics, EMTs and Emergency Medical Dispatchers are maintaining certifications, licenses, accreditation and are performing required patient care benchmark skills.

  • Coordinate investigations of EMS related complaints and unusual occurrences.

  • Acting as a liaison to County EMS Agency Medical Director on clinical issues.

  • Review existing operations to recommend and implement new/changed policies and procedures in response to changing departmental and organizational needs.

  • Ride-alongs with medics on department apparatus to observe performance and provide feedback during actual responses.

  • Administer Advance Placement exams and specified training programs for new medics.

  • Participate in annual budget planning.

  • Develop, revise, implement and oversee PIP (personal improvement plan) for employees; assist with remediation, education and counseling as needed.

  • Video production and graphic design.

  • Website and IT support.

  • Professional writing and editing services.

  • Servicing businesses with up to 2000 employees.


Executive Protection (EP) – Do we Offer it?  Yes.  What is it?

Also known as close personal protection. It refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location. We can be deployed as an individual (Agent) or teams to give you the protection that insures peace of mind.

We are experienced members of law enforcement, military, government, and specially trained and certified individuals. We also have EMT’s and Paramedics that assist with the Personal Protection. Trained in pro-active protection procedures that are designed to recognize, analyze, and neutralize threats before they become problems. Conflict resolution, professionalism, discretion, and above all else, sound judgment.

Educated and approachable agents provide a secure and safe atmosphere for our clients.

Examples of events:

  • Wife and kids going to Mall to shop

  • Appearances / Speaking Engagements

  • Shareholder / Board Meetings

  • Court Appearances

  • Union Disputes

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