National Wildland Coordinating Group N.W.C.G S-212 (Wildland Fire Chainsaw, A &B and C)

Wildland Fire Chain Saws S- 212

National Wildland Coordinating Group, N.W.C.G.

Audience: Firefighters

Course Content: An intensive hands-on course designed to train the student in the use of powered chain saws and techniques in order to prepare them to meet their functional role as a powered chain saw operator on an incident. This course will cover the duties and responsibilities of the chain saw operator, parts and maintenance of the chain saw, application, safety and evaluation through lecture and field exercises.

Course Format: Students are required to furnish their own Fire Agency chainsaw (no personal saws will be allowed) and required PPE’s including approved eye and ear protection, wildland fire fighting clothing and footwear, saw chaps, gloves and chainsaw tool pouch with files and wedges. A Pre-Course Assignment will be made available. Completion prior to the first day of class is mandatory. Qualified Fire Fighter Type 2 (FFT2) Must show proof of Accredited Fire Academy graduate. A / B skills sheets are supplied to the student. Student shall show proficiency before being signed off for each level.

Time: 24 hour class Lecture and outside (Rain or Shine) cutting trees and Brush.

Certification: California State Fire Marshal and N.W.C.G.

“Accredited by the California Fire Service Training and Education System for credit toward California State Fire Marshal certification”