As a multi-disciplined training center, we offer high caliber quality education classes that will help us to achieve our mission, as well as the mission of each organization we serve.

100% Dedicated to Excellence

Accredited EMS – Fire Training has evolved from a small local training organization with roots in Rocklin, Danville, Sacramento, Newport Beach, and El Dorado Hills, CA into a worldwide company which has provided a number of educational courses abroad.

Our Educational family is 100% dedicated to excellence, compassion, leadership, diversity, and team work in Emergency Services Training. This is directly achieved by giving each student hands on training with an individual facilitator. This training gives the students confidence to be able to provide the highest level of patient care and be able to complete any task in an emergency situation.

Since 1989, it has been our mission to provide high quality multi-disciplined training and education classes for the general public, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Doctors, Police Officers, Nurses, Fire Department’s, Business, Groups, individuals, Military and Life guards. Additionally all Facilitators must have a minimum of five years experience in their field to be able to join our family. We have proven our commitment to developing a comprehensive training facility that will provide continuing education to healthcare providers at all levels.