Accredited EMS Fire Training Inc.

Scholarship for Accredited Firefighter I Academy – Community College

Sacramento Regional Fire Academy California Fire & Rescue Training Authority

 Chabot College, Santa Rosa College or Butte Community College 

Scholarship is for an Accredited Firefighter I Academy through a Community College. You have your choice of Sacramento Regional Firefighter I Academy, Chabot College, Santa Rosa Community College or Butte College.

We are currently looking into the proper process to be able to offer scholarships to individuals who are seeking a career in the Fire Service. Some qualifications: Have passed an Emergency Medical Technician Class and have earned a National Emergency Medical Technician Certificate through the NREMT and have a current California Emergency Medical Technician Certificate from the State of California. Must also have at least 20 units completed at a junior college for Fire Science Technology.

We will also consider a POST Academy for a Police Officer who is seeking employment within  a California City.

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