Fire Control 3A



The Fire Control 3A (FC 3A) course is designed to develop fundamental skills in combating structure fires by providing the students with a thorough understanding of fire behavior. The opportunity to reinforce the student’s understanding of fire behavior is provided in all of the exercises to be conducted during the delivery of a FC 3A class. In many cases, this will be the firefighter’s first exposure to live structural fire fighting, yet it can also serve as an educational tool for the seasoned fire fighter. The acquired structures used in a FC 3A class are generally donated buildings with a written agreement between the owner and the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) specifying the live fire training that will be conducted and acknowledges the expected condition of the structure upon completion of the training. FC 3A burns an otherwise useless structure for the purpose of increasing our fire-fighting experience and knowledge levels. It is designed to provide information on fire behavior, ventilation procedures and techniques, interior fire attack, and
exterior fire attack. Many training scenarios can be done in one acquired structure. Exercises using the structure to conduct a FC 3A class are not limited to the standards set forth in this manual. When conducted in an organized and safe manner, this training is one of the most valuable classes a firefighter, especially a new firefighter, can experience.